My name is Wim Griffioen. I am a student from The Netherlands. Currently I am studying ICT Managment. When I am finished with that study, I would like to study Computing Science. Besides my study, I work in a webshop as a webdeveloper and a salesman. The webshop where I work, is specialized in language courses.

I also do some freelance webdeveloping. If you want to find out more about that, you could see my portfolio or you could contact me.

Besides my job and my study, I also have some hobbies. I love to read, to go out with friends, to eat, to have a good beer once in a while and to listen good music. Most of the time I listen to pop, trance, rock and jazz. For a more detailed overview of my music taste, you could take a look at my profile page.

– Wim Griffioen